Hey, how's it going?  Thanks for stopping by.  Through all my
years of writing songs I have always tried to speak of the
oneness and amazing gifts we should enjoy and struggle with
throughout our short journey here on Earth, and to celebrate
every moment.....even while you are screaming your dreams out

I have been very fortunate to have crossed paths with some
amazing musicians, recording engineers, and artists along the
way who created beautiful tracks of sound in my music and
graphic artistry for their covers, thank you all.

While raising my family, when I could afford to record, I would.  
These 45's and CD are from the 80's and early 90's.  My first LP
was recorded in the winter of 1973-1974 from songs I wrote
when I was 18-22 years old.

From acoustic instrumentals to rocked out dance tunes that
fueled many years in clubs & bars, these songs hold the sounds
of life, mine, folks I've met along the road, and maybe yours.  
Same rock & roll BS story. After my strung out
manager couldn't get his shit together to
release this single in 1979, I finally got it done
in 1985.
It was a great session for me with the hard
hitting Bobby 'T' Torello on drums, Hal Selzer
on bass and Richard Robinson at the board.
A Side: 'Saturday Night'
B Side: 'Sexy'
This was a real colaboration.  I was lucky to have found Gerald Block in a little studio in Sauk City, WI, just
before he moved back to New York City.  Great engineer who really helped us all get comfortable for our
first studio outing.  Big Al Byla, Tom Hennick and Jan Reek all helped put beautiful touches to the songs. I
was playing at campfires, open mics & coffee houses from Chicago to the West Coast. Wisconsin artist
George Cramer, one of my old professors and dear friend, made the cover art and John Craig, amazing
artist, provided the lettering.  My friends at Inky Fingers silkscreen studios in New Lisbon, WI custom
printed each cover....no two are alike, and only 500 albums were pressed.  Available in CD format through
CDBaby, iTunes etc.
With computers just coming around I decided to try and
compose a party beach song using this new technology and
with Richard Robinson's programing 'Do You Want To?' was
born.  Hartford, CT WCCC DJ Angie helped introduce the
song as the 'on the beach' DJ.
A Side:'Do You Want To?'
B Side: 'I'm Serious'
Party time.  From 1988 until this was released in
Spring of 1995 I was busy in the studio whenever I
could afford it.  Some of these songs are from the
70's and 80's with a couple written in the early 90's.  
Bobby 'T' Torello is again on drums and Moe Potts
added his amazing drumming talent to a couple
songs.  The multi talented Scott Zito made great
tracks on keyboards, bass, vocals, and guitar...what a
talent. Terri Lane & Carolinda Simoes added superb
vocals along with Dui on bass. Both Richard
Robinson at TNA Studios and Vic Steffens at Horizon
Studios engineered and co-produced.

'Saturday Night' 'Steaks & Cold Beer' 'She's A
Crustacean' 'Piece Of The Action' 'For What'
'Sometimes I'm Up' 'Sweetn It Up' 'I'm Serious' 'Things
I've Been Missing' 'Don't Walk Away' 'Sexy' 'The Rain
Came Down'
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Stratus Combine Records
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New re-release of my 1973-1974 LP with 3 new tracks previously
unreleased.  The CD features, 'Hey Babe', 'Garden', Sunny Day',
Hungry Horse Montana', 'Wavefaring Boy', and new tracks  
recorded live in 'The Barn' in 1973, 'Dawn Mist Falls, 'Don't You
Ever Wonder', '10,000 Years'.
Lion Productions promoted and sells the LP & CDs.
The cover is a sample of the different silk screened LP jackets.
ALL CD's ARE $10 PLUS $4 S&H
A great time to be playing clubs, bars, and outdoor
events...these songs are from the 70's and recorded
between 1975 and 1981. The songs are a mix of studio
and live recordings.  Analog, vibe filled lo-fi mud-sweat
& beers.  Presented in two volumes.
Vol. #1
1]   We Were Brothers/PUSH
2]   Black Gun/Vajra
3]   Don't You Ever Give Up/PUSH
4]   Charge/PUSH
5]   Rhyme or Reason/Vajra
6]    Imagine That/PUSH
7]   Johnny/PUSH
8]   9 to 5/PUSH
9]   Stary Eyed Child/PUSH
10] She's A Crustacean/PUSH
11] Good Boys/PUSH
12] Warm Spread/PUSH
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LIVE!  From a bar near you...in 1970's Wisconsin.  Songs
recorded in all their analog glory in bars, clubs, and
studios from 1975 into 1981.  Dance music, stuff to get
you moving..in 13 flavors.
Vol. 2
1]   Welcome/Vajra
2]   Golden Throne/PUSH
3]   Don't Walk Away/PUSH
4]   Highway Rider/PUSH
5]   Golgotha/Vajra
6]   Doreen/PUSH
7]   We Gotta Get Away/PUSH
8]   Tiger's Lair/PUSH
9]   Drive In/PUSH
10] For What/PUSH
11] Say It/PUSH
12] High/PUSH
13] You're Never Too Old to Rock & Roll/Vajra

Available in the U.S.
Rereleased!  A re-do of the
original 1974 LP complete with
hand silk screened jackets
and a photo liner.  No two
jackets are the same.  The
records are heavy 180 gr. vinyl
with a heavy cardboard for the
Available at Lion
Productions.com and world
wide...check the web.
Video shot from a session at Trod Nossel Studios in
Wallingford, CT.  The footage was shot in 1986, just found,
and put together with fresh footage from NYC.
After a move back to the farm I sought out musicians
from the area and reconnected with past people I
worked with.  A new neighbor down the road, Dave
Roberts, of Tiny Records, was instrumental in turning
me onto Logic and helping out with engineering and
production.  Richard Robinson, now in Los Angeles,
helped bring in great players, and add his masterful
engineering skills to several songs. John Craig, who
has added his creative touch since my first record,
made the cover art.  'Shadows Casting Shadows' is a
mix of styles, each song encapsulating life's many
directions on the highway no matter who's hands are
on the wheel.
'Do You Remember?', 'Boulevard', 'Hold Me', 'Imagine
That', 'Jesse James', '[Livn' In Your] 2-D World',
'Sunday Morning', 'Too Bad', 'Choices', 'Mimbres',
'Suddenly', 'I Disappear'.
Available at CDBaby, iTunes, Amazon.. and others..
Way Gone Music, BMI
Harbour Island, Bahamas, 1974
Singing to clean up the island.
with our bottles & cans event
Video from the 2011 events at the Capitol in Madison,
Wisconsin.  From the record 'Shadows Casting Shadows'
the song 'I Disappear' set to photos of our protest of the
stripping of workers rights and the disapperance of the
middle class.
Another journey with wonderful musicians!  
Featuring Julia McConahay, Hyram Posey, Clara
Solinger, Megan Felt, Crissie Reynolds, Bob
Mason, Ben Kuzay, Tom Kastle, Kackie Kolenko,
Christopher Hickerson, Rock Williams, Nicky Sund.
1]  Uncle Lee
2]  She Said
3]  Discovery
4]  My Home
5]  Friendly Willie
6]  Wings
7]  Rachel Corrie
8]  Sidewalk
9]  The Storm of '12
10]  Water
11]  Des Moines
12]  Elegy for Earth
Plus 2 Bonus Tracks
Here we go again...election time...when we the people get to choose between
two ideologies instead of many, and when our two candidates tell us what
they think we want to hear and then, if elected, proceed to do whatever their
corporate donors tell them to do...land of the free? really?...corporations
don't even want you to know what's in your food....now that's really free, that
is, corporations get to do whatever they want, they are free, we are cogs in
their wheels.
A wonderful adventure working with a group of
musicians I am truly thankful for playing with.  Tom
Walsh on drums, Julie Sussman on sax, Elise Nicole,
Megan Felt and SunDee Jones on vocals, Ben Kuzay
gives an excellent bass track.  Streams, downloads,
and CD purchases are available Earth wide on most
outlets.  CDs can be purchased here by calling our
toll free number [below] or at Bandcamp.
1]  This Time Around
2]   Love You So Hard
3]   Street Corner
4]   Vacancy
5]   I Can See It
6]   Give It A Go
7]   I Like It
8]   Who's Fooln' Who?
9]   Make Some Noize
10] Try
11]  Future Stealers
12]  Jean
Just released!  A disc filled with twists and turns
and even a few numbers you can dance to!  Tom
Walsh contributes his amazing drumming skills with
Pat Filleti on keys, Justin Lewis on guitar, Laine
Thibodeaux on Dobro and Pedal Steel, Dave Schmitt
on bass, Kent Arnsbarger on steel drums, Julie
Sussman on sax and Ann Christoffer & Elan on
backing vocals.
Mixed in LA by Richard Robinson and Portland OR
by Teddy Presburg.
Songs will soon be out on iTunes and most other
music venues.
Poor Baby
My Island Home
We Gotta Get Away
Trouble Is
Sunset Goes Down Easy
Faded Star
Answer Me This
Daylights Retreat
How Precious Our Love Is
Know What I'm Sayn'?
Sunny Day